Several Petro Computer Customers Convert to Trinium Fuel

Trinium Technologies has announced that several Petro Computer System customers have successfully converted over to the Trinium fuel system with many in the process of implementing. Trinium purchased Petro Computer Systems in 2013 providing the Petro Computer customer base with a path forward to upgrading to a more modern and functional system.

Some of the benefits of converting Trinium's fuel system include:

- more worrying about hardware
- Date sensitive tax entry
- Customer web portal for 24/7 customer access to data
- No more waiting for "Month End"
- Improved LIFO/FIFO inventory management
- Automated emailing and faxing of invoices
- Automated emailing of reports to customers and management

Trinium continues to improve it's application suite to meet market demand, with the former Petro Computer System customers contributing to the overall product roadmap.

About Trinium Technologies
Trinium is recognized as a leading developer of business software for petroleum marketers and distributors. The company provides a broad suite of software applications that enables its customers to improve their financial results by reducing costs, growing revenues, and improving customer service. For more information about Trinium, call (310) 214-3118, or visit Fuel Software.