Ernie’s Fueling Network Implements Trinium Cardlock Software

Palos Verdes, CA May 11 2015 – Ernie’s Fueling Network, an industry leader in providing fueling solutions across the U.S. and Canada, has recently deployed Trinium’s cardlock management system. Trinium is a leading provider of business software for fuel marketers and distributors.

Ernie’s Fueling Network provides marketing to the CFN/FleetWide, Pacific Pride, and Fuelman networks with a combined total of over 180,000 sites in the U.S. and Canada. The company chose Trinium’s Cardlock Management System after a broad search of software applications on the market to replace their aging system. The new system had to be able to handle multiple cardlock networks well and provide extensive web portal functionality for its customers to access and process data via the internet. “Trinium has enabled us to upgrade our technology to a more modern and functional system, while providing us the necessary flexibility to customize the system to fit our specific needs,” said Dave Olson, a partner at Ernie’s Fueling Network.

Trinium has seen more and more demand and adoption of web portal functionality as fuel marketers push their customers to the web for visibility of transactions and invoices, credit information, and online invoice payment functionality. “We are seeing growing demand for our customer web portal (Trinium Pipeline). Our customers like Ernie’s see the value in providing timely and accurate data to their customers via the web which enables efficiencies for both parties,” said Dennis Lane, vice president of sales and marketing at Trinium Technologies.

The Trinium Cardlock Management System provides a complete software solution to manage network or proprietary cardlocks and fuel cards. The system automates the processing of foreign, domestic, and remote transactions with extensive pricing, inventory management, and reporting available. Trinium Pipeline is the customer web portal that provides easy access to data through secure sign-on via the web.

About Trinium Technologies
Trinium is recognized as a leading developer of business software for petroleum marketers and distributors. The company provides a broad suite of software applications that enables its customers to improve their financial results by reducing costs, growing revenues, and improving customer service. For more information about Trinium, call (310) 214-3118, or visit Fuel Software.

About Ernie’s Fueling Network
Ernie’s Fueling Network is a multiple fuel card provider with a vast network of over 180,000 fueling sites in the U.S. and Canada managed by a group of fuel industry professionals with over 40 years’ experience. The company also owns and operates three premier fuel service truck stops. For more information about Ernie’s Fueling Network, call (888) 236-3835 or visit