Acquisitions Drive Expanded Use of Trinium at Eel River Fuels

Palos Verdes, CA – Eel River Fuels, a leading fuel marketer based in Ukiah, CA, has
recently expanded the use of Trinium’s fuel system to manage the company’s acquisitions. Trinium
Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise software for fuel marketers and distributors.

Eel River Fuels runs Trinium’s fuel management system to manage its fuel distribution operations where it
markets bulk fuel, propane, and heating oil to various regions in the western U.S. Trinium applications
are also used to manage cardlock operations with several networks including Pacific Pride and CFN, with
the Trinium accounting system used on the back end for a complete enterprise solution.

Over the past few years Eel River Fuels has grown through various acquisitions requiring scalable, opensystem
capabilities. “Trinium has provided us with excellent support during our expansion where we were
able to efficiently roll up acquired companies onto Trinium’s hosted system. Integrating acquired
companies is not easy, Trinium helped make the process more manageable,” said Amber Connor, system
manager at Eel River Fuels.

Trinium’s hosted fuel system is a cloud-based offering that enables fuel marketers and distributors to
deploy a leading software application without purchasing expensive software licensing or
hardware/servers. The fuel system is deployed at the Trinium data center, with the marketer accessing
the system remotely via the internet. This deployment model makes it easier and cheaper for fuel
marketers to start deriving value from the system.

About Trinium Technologies
Trinium is recognized as a leading developer of enterprise software for petroleum marketers. The
company's primary focus is on driving industry best practices to assist its customers in improving their
financial results by reducing costs, growing revenues, and improving customer service. For more
information about Trinium, call (310) 214-3118, or Fuel Software.

About Eel River Fuels
Eel River Fuels is a leading fuel marketer based in California. The company distributes bulk fuel, propane,
heating oil and various other products, along with managing cardlock sites. For more information about
the company, call (800) 343-8354 or visit